Vive La Wearables Revolution?

FACT:Wearable Technology dates back to the 1200s, when the first eyeglasses were made out of crystal.”


Only 5 months into the year, and it seems 2014 is quickly becoming the year of Wearable Technology. The impact of wearables is becoming quite evident in areas such as education, communication, navigating, and entertainment; but perhaps the greatest potential lies in healthcare.

We at Novealthy stand at the front line of the ‘revolution’ that is Wearables Technology. We rub our hands with glee and excitement as we acknowledge the vital role that Healthcare Wearables will play. Wearables will go beyond simply assisting doctors, patients will also continuously be able to monitor their own health and it is this control of one’s health that has us at Novealthy excited. We champion the idea of having access to devices that track everything from our heart rate and blood pressure to our O2 saturation.

Taking a closer at Wearable Technology,  David Peterson Chief Marketing Officer for Emdeon INC, a company well-experienced in linking healthcare payers, providers and vendors believes that “the adoption of wearable healthcare-related devices could indeed be a significant step in patient engagement and improving population health”.

To continue, he states; “wearable health technology brings three distinctly beneficial trends to the table — connected information, community, and gamification. By harnessing this trifecta, healthcare leaders have new ways to build engagement and create accurate, far-reaching views of both personal and population health”.

So what is the future of Wearable Technology? Well it will be, if not already, coming in the form of trainers smart clothes, including glasses, watches, rings, and more.  We at Novealthy are confident that wearables will play a pivotal role in the future of healthcare as a preventative, whilst having the potential to reduce healthcare costs by identifying trends and commonalities among certain populations. In addition, health wearables will also assist in engaging and aiding in our personal wellness, by empowering us to take an active role in our health.

Lastly, whilst technology may never completely replace  it all, **BI Intelligence predicts sales growth of 14 million devices in 2011 to 300 million in 2018. So people it is time to join the ‘revolution’ and let your future be one where wearables are your comrades in every way.

Muchaneta Kapfunde