The Wearable Device We Want…




In the world of wearable tech, with smaller tech startups breathing down their necks, big companies are in a head to head rat-race to release the next big thing,

Opinions are being formed about dozens of new devices seen on crowd funding sites like Kick-starter and Indiegogo. The biggest question is, what will be the next big thing for the masses?

We would like to think that the big breakthrough device will be produced by a tech company, big or small, that understands that the new device should not just tell a story, it should tell a story that will make a change.

“The new Device Should not Just Tell a Story, it Should Tell a Story That Will Make a Change.”


We at Novealthy wonder, who will create the next big thing right here, right now? A device that would cater to all our needs. Something so interesting and beautiful that people will ask what is that device you are wearing?

Let’s be blunt, do we really have to wait until someone has finally invented it? Until someone has stumbled upon it? Let’s just be open about it. Let’s say exactly what it is that we want. Let’s be straight up and go all out. Buckle up, and let’s go!

So what should it be? We want it to be something that lets us be the best we can be. We would like it to assist us on an emotional level. We want the device to make effective commitments through digital life coaching. We want it to sense our psychological state of both body and mind, so it can prevent us from making the same mistakes. We want it to assist us in our personal growth. We want a device that motivates us to eat our required two pieces of fruit and 500 grams of vegetables a day. A device that will do more than give us a reminder, it will act as a bio-sensor and inform us on what our body needs on a daily basis. Lastly, it will be a device that will, based on our mood, confront us with the consequences if we do not adhere to its advice.



To continue, we want a device that will offer us all the possibilities in order to prevent avoidable illnesses. If certain foods need to be consumed more than others we want our new device to suggest our diet, based on the latest information from the diet experts.

If a certain amount of exercise can prevent us from becoming a diabetic, knowing that some of our siblings are suffering from it, the device will advise us on how we can go on about preventing diabetes. “I think you catch my drift Mr. wearable developer”.




Lastly, when it comes to this “super device” that we desire, you must remember it is not that we can’t handle disappointment, we just won’t accept any setbacks. We want a ‘smart’ device that plays a part in ensuring that we live our lives to the fullest.

So there, we at Novealthy want it all, we want it all in one device.

-Mano ten Napel