AppleWatch : Currently, to the Best of ‘our’ Abilities.


Would it be safe to conclude that in this incubational stage of the wearable tech industry,…

those who focus more on the fashionable aspects when developing their wearable device, instead of the ones that are focusing on the meaningfulness, would have a great advantage on those who don’t? It is as if up until now the wearable tech companies can get away with making really cool looking devices that will only offer 1 or maybe 3 or 4 features. With that in mind, I must be honest, I wasn’t too excited by the new AppleWatch. Yet at the same time I wonder if you can blame Apple for the fact that technology is not advanced enough to offer a good value proposition for today’s needs. Maybe my disappointment doesn’t say anything about Apple, but it simply just tells me more about my own expectation level.


AppleWatch might even look good when it's transparent

We all know that battery life is an important factor for color screen smartwatches. The fact that the AppleWatch needs to be charged every day is a very clear signal of poor technology, because my grandpa’s watch is still ticking and theoretically I could be a grandfather myself. I feel that what the launch of the Applewatch is telling us is that the time for THE killer smartwatch that lives up to the demands of the consumer might easily be a few years away from now. I am thinking, around AppleWatch3 they will have probably figured it out.

Nothing to worry though. It’s not the first time Apple’s products had to evolutionize it’s way into the market. I believe that just like the iPhone, the AppleWatch will win many hearts along the way. Who doesn’t have people in their circle who once passionately where against the iPhone, only to now be transformed into its greatest fans.



At least it's the best looking charger ever.

To those who feel the Applewatch is an overall disappointment, allow me to add that I don’t believe it is because of the lack of features and ideas that were generated by the brightest but more because of the technical hardware limitations such as battery capacity and size. At the same time, I don’t think people will be too negative about the fact that you need your iPhone as a parent-device beside the AppleWatch for full functionality.

“Around AppleWatch3 They Will Have Probably Figured it out.”


As impatient as I can be, it hurts to say that the killer device that is as intuitive as I want will not be as fashionable as I need it to be. Not today at least. At the same time, looking at Applewatch, I feel like this is simply the best of humanity’s developing capabilities at the moment. As Tim Cook said “We have been working incredibly hard”, which probably meant; ‘Now I know you guys expected more, but this simply is the best we can deliver at this time’.

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