This Ain’t No iPhonecasology

An iPhone case is just an iPhone case right?…


Or maybe there’s just a little more to it. Everybody who has just bought a new iPhone must have heard that little voice in their head saying, “better get a case for it now…or I will get the bill presented”. I am sure, that accidentally damaging your iPhone’s edge, when initially it was so perfectly designed, is breaking hundreds of hearts worldwide every day. With only ourselves to blame, I only cracked mine just two days ago- sigh- I must admit that when it happened, I felt my heart pounding wildly in my chest. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that with the latest developments a good iPhone case is now required more than ever.

Now this ain’t another new article about keeping #bendgate alive. I feel, with Apple opening up about the amount of complaints they really received (9 in total), should have immediately killed that story right away. But hey, that’s just the way the world works, isn’t it? I have to say, watching the YouTube video with over 52million views of the SquareSpace guy, who ‘for the sake of science’ purposely bent his iPhone, made me feel like he was tearing apart a Vincent Van Gogh painting. A little dramatic maybe, but hey it’s coming from the heart!

@iPhoneCasologyFunny enough as I am writing this the new #Bendgate, called #Hairgate has gone viral onTwitter and already de-bunked by Mashable. It seems like some are looking for the iPhone6 to become the new MacGyver MultiTool. Who knows what we can use it for next. I am sure, that no #Seamgate or #BeardGate will stop Apple in its tracks, and like many times before the ‘critics will be eating humble pie’ soon.

In the end, it might leave consumers more worried about their phones bending, which is inevitable, and the solution probably is a stronger iPhone case. If not against bending. Then against protecting our beards. That being said, I don’t see market research reports, based on these latest developments, concluding that we suddenly need iPhones that should be bendable because we want to be able to sit on them whilst they are in our back pockets. Will the Fashion industry size up the back pockets now because we want to be able to sit on our iPads? I think not.






To be honest in the 7 years that I have owned an iPhone, putting it in my back pocket wouldn’t even come to mind. If I would sit on it, I think that my heart would be pounding in my chest again. In my opinion, you sit on a chair or a couch, not an iPhone.

For now I just know and accept, my lovely, genuinely unique designed iPhone is to be treated with respect. It deserves a strong iPhone case, and for me, that’s just common sense and this ain’t no iPhonecasology.


-Mano 10 Napel